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Spotify has launched a new feature that utilizes personalization, voice AI, and generative AI to provide users with a personalized AI DJ.

This feature is currently being rolled out in beta and offers a curated playlist of music, along with commentary narrated in a realistic voice using Sonantic’s dynamic AI voice platform. The commentary is powered by generative AI, which enables Spotify’s music editors to provide insightful facts about the music, artists, or genres users are listening to.

The personalization technology used in the feature gives users a lineup of music recommendations based on their listening history.

Spotify’s DJ feature is powered by the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan, who has been used as the first model for the AI DJ.

Spotify’s new feature is yet another example of how the music industry is utilizing AI technology to enhance the listening experience for users. While some may argue that the use of AI in music takes away from the human element, others see it as an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

The use of AI in the music industry also presents new opportunities for artists to create and produce music in new ways. Overall, the music industry’s exploration of AI technology is opening up new possibilities for the future of music.

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