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The Jonas Brothers are getting groovy.

The pop trio revealed in a recent interview that their upcoming album, The Album, will be inspired by '70s influences, including Bee Gees, Boston, and Stevie Wonder. The siblings stated that they would be revisiting the roots of their sound and incorporating elements from the music they grew up listening to.

Joe, Kevin, and Nick also announced a series of concerts, including a five-night residency at the Marquis Theater in New York City, where they will perform their past albums leading up to their new album's release. They will also be performing at London's Royal Albert Hall on April 14th.

The Jonas Brothers took a break from music for several years and only reunited in 2019 with the release of their album Happiness Begins. In the interview, they expressed their excitement about having the time to connect and work together again, leading to the creation of The Album.

The announcement of their new album's sound and upcoming concerts has thrilled their fans, interested to see the Jonas Brothers return to their musical roots.


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