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Deezer and Sonos team up to deliver music streaming services to 16 countries globally.

The partnership will see Deezer deliver its vast music catalog, metadata, and licensing, reporting and royalty management services, business intelligence, and data to Sonos users.

Deezer will also provide key services for Sonos Radio and Sonos Radio HD, strategic collaboration for growth, and monetization of the service.

The alliance will explore opportunities to expand the Sonos music experience, collaborate on new ways to help listeners discover music and soundtrack.

Sonos launched its ad-supported radio streaming service in 2020, providing a trusted source of information and community connection during the pandemic.

The partnership comes as Deezer focuses on key markets, including France, Germany, the UK, Brazil, and the US. The company pledged to turn in a profit by 2025.

Deezer supports more than 45 partners and 80 hardware integrations worldwide.

The latest deal builds on the two companies’ previous deals, with Deezer starting to offer high definition audio on Sonos in 2015.

In June 2022, Deezer launched Sonos Voice Control and a brand new Deezer interface on the Sonos App, giving Sonos users access to Deezer exclusive recommendation feature Flow, an AI-based recommendation engine that lets the listener choose music based on moods.

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