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Amazon Music has partnered with Endel, an AI sound wellness app, to create personalized wellness playlists to help users relax, focus and sleep better.

Endel uses personal inputs such as movement, heart rate, weather, location and time of day to produce personalized soundscapes. This is not Endel's first deal, having partnered with Warner Music Group to produce 20 albums for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer. Endel has also collaborated with Universal Music Group’s Republic to release a soundscape album.

The company has used its generative AI approach backed by science to create soundscapes with artists such as James Blake, Grimes, and Miguel.

The sleep playlist produced in collaboration with Amazon Music is titled Sleep Science, and it opens with an Amazon Original track featuring electronic duo Kx5. The playlist lasts about eight hours and aims to prepare the brain for sleep, and then help the listener to fall and stay asleep. The partnership follows Amazon’s investment in Endel’s parent company, Techstars Music ’18, through the Alexa Fund.

The partnership demonstrates how valuable AI can be to large music business players and how engaging the sonic results can be for listeners. Amazon Music hopes that their customers will discover their science-backed approach and their curatorial instincts for unique artist collaborations. The human mind should be at the forefront of the experience, guided by neuroscience to successfully deliver functional music.


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