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A&R Consulting

Artist Repertoire Feedback Service

Whether you are a vocalist/songwriter, a rapper, a music producer or an instrumentalist: 

HQ. helps you to perfect your music with qualified and detailled feedback on all aspects that matter for you.

For details and to book this service, please click the Book button.

Artist Development Service

HQ. analyses your musical career and provides you with useful feedback and improvement suggestions for your public and unreleased work in a personal call. 

If eligible, we can pitch your work for deals with partners that fit your musical setup or offer you a direct deal to improve your overall success.


For details and to book this service, please click the Book button.

A&R Consulting for companies

As a record label or as a publisher you want to constantly discover and work with artists that fit your signature sound. With the HQ. network consisting of thousands of newcomer and established musicians, we help you scouting your next big signings and arrange and negotiate the best licensing deals that apply to your company's mission - regardless of genres or countries.


For more details on this service, please contact us through our Contact page and we will send you a fitting quote.

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